Mental health manager for Company

The HeBA.One digital solution helps companies to link the needs of employees and the company with relevant actions and measurable results.

For employers

  • Company / unit mental health overview and performance measurement
  • Risk analysis and action plan
  • Mental health services

For each employee

  • Mental health assessment and personalised recommendations
  • Individual support – from self-help to psychologists and apps
  • Self-tracking timeline and performance measurement

Detect mental health problems early

Flexibly use a range of solutions

Invest effectively

Choose your starting point

Reduce mental health problems among employees

Find the right solution for each employee, with performance measurement

The HeBA.One mental health manager is a flexible tool that can be used to achieve all mental health goals for a specific group or your organisation.

Support your company’s mental wellbeing culture in the way that works for you!

Risk assessment

Situation analysis

Solutions for employees

Services for companies

Easy to use - choose the right solution

For a monthly fee

Mental health guide

For the company and all employees

Health assessment, recommendations and health plan. Fast access to a network of professionals at a discounted price.

For a monthly fee

Mental health guide


In the right volume

Company health fund to pay for specialist consultations



Quick access to the services of a network of specialists.

+ the package includes

Mental health guide

Individual assessment, recommendations and health plan for employees

*TheHeBA.One platform service and the services of mental health professionals are tax-free for businesses.

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