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What do we offer?

The HeBA.One digital solution helps the employee:

  • Analyze their mental health and its development
  • Receive personalised recommendations to manage their mental health
  • Find personalised solutions when needed

HeBA.One solutions for the employee:

  • Self-help guides, information and training materials
  • Digital solutions (apps and web applications)
  • Specialist consultations – mental health nurse, psychologist, therapists of various methods, psychiatrists.

Personalised solutions

Using HeBA.One, each employee receives personalised feedback and a personalised solution.

Personal mental health manager

Mental health help centre

Mental health professionals

Personal mental health manager

Employees have the opportunity to have their mental health regularly assessed and, on the basis of this:

  • Personal feedback and recommendations for an individual action plan
  • Assess changes in mental health over time
  • Display of the results on a timeline, providing the opportunity to assess mental health over time

Mental health help centre

Workers have access to a rich collection of supporting materials (to read, listen, watch, study, practise).

  • Apps and other digital solutions
  • Evidence-based self-help: various breathing exercises, techniques to reduce work stress, recommendations on sleep hygiene, nutrition and exercise

Self-help methods help you maintain and boost your mental wellbeing, feel relaxed, and reduce stress. There are many methods of self-help, and different methods suit different people.

Mental health professionals

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HeBA.One mental health professionals use evidence-based therapeutic and psychological interventions for the best treatment outcomes.

  • Problem-based referral to a mental health professional
  • A growing network of mental health professionals
  • Prompt and accurate help

For a monthly fee

Mental health guide

For the company and all employees

Health assessment, recommendations and health plan. Fast access to a network of professionals at a discounted price.

For a monthly fee

Mental health guide


In the right volume

Company health fund to pay for specialist consultations



Quick access to the services of a network of specialists.

+ the package includes

Mental health guide

Individual assessment, recommendations and health plan for employees

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