Psychosocial risk analysis

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Identify and reduce the impact of work-related psychosocial risks – a mentally healthy atmosphere pays off.

Use the results of the mental health assessment to perform a risk assessment. You will have the risk assessment form at your disposal, as well as guidelines for risk assessment of the results.

3 simple steps

The HeBA.One tool is extremely easy to use to assess psychosocial risks.

This way you can detect mental health problems early and assess the results.

Invest effectively.


Ask your employees about the risks


Find out risk levels


Draw up an action plan

1. Ask your employees about the risks

By using HeBA.One, your employees can get personalised recommendations instantly, based on the results of their questionnaire.

Why assess employee work stress?

Work stress can have very serious consequences for a person’s health. In the case of a short-term stressor, the health effects may be temporary and quickly recede. If the stressor affects the employee for a long time, however, it can lead to a loss of capacity for work.

Typical health effects include: headache, attention and memory impairments, decreased productivity, sleep disturbances, fatigue, anxiety, burnout, decreased immunity, increased susceptibility to diseases, and the exacerbation of chronic diseases and mood disorders.

The conscious management of work stressors and work helps keep employees happy, productive, and satisfied.

2. Find out risk levels

The main tool for risk assessment is the Work Stress Questionnaire, which covers 10 dimensions:

  1. Level of sense of authority
  2. Level of freedom of expression
  3. Lack of time pressure
  4. Getting adequate recognition
  5. Lack of bullying
  6. Satisfaction with work
  7. Satisfaction with the working environment
  8. Job control
  9. Work-life balance
  10. Absence of conflicts

The questionnaire can be easily repeated periodically using the HeBA.One platform to assess:

  • the dynamics of the risks
  • the impact of risk-reducing interventions

3. Draw up an action plan

HeBA.One makes it easy to generate an action plan based on the results of the risk analysis for a company or its units.

The system recommends actions, and the company can adapt the final result to its objectives and needs by adding or removing actions.

The HeBA.One psychosocial risk assessment tool is accredited and recognised by the Labour Inspectorate.

It is a simple and effective tool for planning, implementing and measuring the results of a company’s actual activities.

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