Services for managing the health of your employees

HeBA’s mission is to help everyone achieve the best possible health – mental and physical well-being.

We are a health partner for employers in the field of occupational health and we offer carefully considered choices of high-quality services that
everyone can choose for themselves. You can pay yourself or with health insurance, and employers who are HeBA’s health partners often do it as well.

Our range of services includes health examinations and analyses, preventive health checks and health audits, vaccinations and health certificates.
We advise on the selection of a suitable specialist or other specialist, help find an appointment and issue a referral letter.
See also HeBA’s mental health services separately.

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Occupational health care

Mental health management


Trainings and health days

Risk analysis of the work environment

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Access to specialist services


Health insurance

Solution "PROPER"

Mandatory requirements with a quality guarantee

One price

for health checks

The solution

Well-kept employees – cheaper health checks

Health check-up of “healthy” employees

30-35% cheaper

of “higher risk” employees

The solution

fully maintained

Fixed monthly fee

All health services are tax-free with health insurance

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