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The digital tool on the HeBA platform helps to prevent mental health problems in the company and to provide the right support in case of mental health problems.

  • The employer, in cooperation with the employees, will be able to know the level of stress in the company
  • Helps employers to prevent mental health problems – a way to find the problem before it escalates
  • By using the tool, the employer can offer help to those who need it but have not yet reached the help they need.

The employer can get a snapshot of mental health, which can be used to focus on the sector of the business that needs attention first. In addition, the platform can be used to assess the impact of interventions dynamically over time.

Analytics tool features

Fewer mental health problems among employees

The right solution for each employee and the whole company, with measured results

Strong mental wellbeing culture in the company.

Digital tool

Tracking changes over time

Guaranteed anonymity

Digital tool

HeBA.One digital tool allows:

  • Employees to assess their mental health through the mobile app or the web and get instant results and recommendation.
  • Employers to set up their own groups to be measured, regardless of the employees’ location.
  • To filter the results by group, unit, occupation or location.
  • To download the results from the platform and use them for presentations in meetings, workshops and psychosocial risk assessments.
  • To use digital questionnaires to assess each person’s mental health status at a specific point in time and dynamics over time. The results are displayed on a timeline.

Tracking changes over time

Standardised questionnaires help to assess the mental health status of each individual at a specific point in time and dynamically over time.

Once mental wellbeing support solutions have been implemented, their performance can be monitored. By using employee surveys on a regular basis, trends can be monitored.

Guaranteed anonymity

The company representative will receive an anonymised analysis with recommendations on the workforce as a whole and in selected units.

Each employee will receive an assessment of their mental health through standardised questionnaires on the HeBA.One platform, as well as personalised feedback with further recommendations to help find the fastest route to the help they need. Individual responses are anonymous and visible only to the respondents themselves. Recommendations from results-based solutions consist of self-help, mobile apps and recognised mental health professionals – all of which are also anonymised.

The employees’ personal data is carefully protected and stored in encrypted databases.

Easy to use - choose the right solution

For a monthly fee

Mental health guide

For the company and all employees

Health assessment, recommendations and health plan. Fast access to a network of professionals at a discounted price.

For a monthly fee

Mental health guide


In the right volume

Company health fund to pay for specialist consultations



Quick access to the services of a network of specialists.

+ the package includes

Mental health guide

Individual assessment, recommendations and health plan for employees

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