HeBA Services

HeBA is a primary care clinic that helps achieve good health goals for companies and
who value caring health management. To this end, we offer doctors’ and nurses’ appointments , a wide range of tests and analyses , mental health services , employer’s health insurance and all occupational health services.

HeBA provides high-quality services across Estonia with the support of a wide network of cooperation partners .

HeBA stands out from others due to its unique health management platform and mobile application , decisions and health recommendations based on data analysis and machine learning , as well as a personal health plan prepared for each person and a Company Health Audit prepared for each company. We help to develop a culture of health with the help of data..

In order to achieve all of the above, HeBA’s research and development activities are aimed at digital enhancement of healthcare services using modern IT solutions .

The health partner of your company and employees

Effectively invest in the health of employees

HeBA occupational health care

HeBA’s modern occupational health service adjusts the overall health of each employee individually

Services for business

We are a health partner for employers in the field of occupational health and we offer carefully considered choices of high-quality services

Services for private individuals

HeBA’s mission is to help everyone achieve the best possible health – mental and physical well-being.

Mental health services

Mental health is as important as physical health. Drive it wisely.


HeBa trainings

Occupational rehabilitation

We help the employee stay at work or return to work

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