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Questions related to the provision of occupational health services

The duration of the visit is usually 30-60 minutes, depending on the person’s health risks, state of health and the procedures provided by the employer.

Our appointments take place concurrently in different offices, but due to a peculiarity in the booking system, the 15-minute slot simply marks the gap between the starting times of two appointments. For each client, the appointment time is typically scheduled for 30-60 minutes, depending on their health condition.

Please do not be misled by this peculiarity in the booking system – we warmly welcome you to your appointment.

In general, this is not done, but the law describes important clarifications in this regard. First of all According to TTOS § 13 1 “Occupational health service” point 14 “The occupational health doctor provides the employer with the employee’s health data, which is unavoidably necessary for the employer to improve the working environment and working conditions and to promote the health of the employees and is directly related to the above activities. The employer does not have the right to receive diagnosis data.

HeBA forwards the medical examination decision to a certain representative of the principal, which each employee also signs during the health check. Also, if the employer requires it, also the list of people who have used health services. Therefore, each employee knows to whom and what information HeBA may have communicated about him to the employer.

It is important to know that TTOS §14 “Obligations and rights of the employee” in point 1 1 has been added that “ the person processing the employee’s health data in the performance of work duties has an obligation to keep this data confidential for an indefinite period.” Therefore, we make the assumption that every representative of the specific employer, who has learned something about the health data of the employees, keeps it secret, including ka after leaving the employer .

Questions related to the use of the HeBA platform

The health declaration is your confirmation about your own health, including that the information about you in the digital story is true in your opinion and that nothing is missing from it.

Among other things, the law requires that the occupational health doctor asks for such a declaration from each person arriving for a visit.
Our occupational health doctor will certainly check the entries in the digital log as well. If necessary, differences between your own assessment and the information in the digital history will be specified during the health check.

Unfortunately, our reservation system partner – the authorized processor Connected OÜ – has not yet added the smart ID option.

Questions related to information exchange

All the answers to the analyzes – when they are ready – reach the Digital Lock immediately.

In the digital story, the answers to the blood tests are presented in the section “Answers to referral letters” or “Answers to tests”.

You can also find the most recent analyzes in the “Recent Documents” section.

We confirm that all emails sent from the @ domain are checked for security. is HeBA’s public e-mail address for medical topics, to which everyone can write.

The e-mail address is an account from which we communicate only with our customers and in connection with non-medical questions.

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