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HeBA's new address in Tallinn is Veerenni 38

HeBA is a new clinic founded by leading occupational health specialists in Estonia, oriented to the health needs of people of working age.

Our clients are companies that value the health and motivation of their employees. Among them are universities, large and small manufacturing companies, law and audit firms, large and small start-ups, hotels and banks, international groups and Estonian family businesses.

More and more often, people also come to us themselves , if their employer does not yet offer them such care.

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Health checks Studies Analyses

HeBA offers a wide variety of health checks.

  • Health checks with analyses  help you get a quick overview of your health status.
  • Health audits  is more comprehensive with analyzes and a stress test, which also includes a consultation with a doctor.
  • Health studies  help detect dangerous health conditions early with the help of ultrasonography or dermatoscopy.

All HeBA health checks are based on the individual treatment of the person and end with a personal HEALTH PLAN – the only one in Estonia.

In addition, if necessary, all health certificates can be taken at the HeBA clinic.

Health checks with analyses

Health audits

Health studies

Health certificates

Everyone deserves good health at work and at home

Prevent. Measure. Discover. Solve. Enjoy life.

Protect yourself and others. Prevent serious diseases.


Why vaccinate?

Many  infectious diseases with serious consequences  can be protected against by vaccination. 

Vaccination-preventable diseases can be encountered in the work environment, e.g. tick-borne encephalitis, influenza, hepatitis viruses, or during leisure time or while traveling. With vaccination, we protect the health of ourselves, our loved ones and many others.

At the HeBA clinic, adults can vaccinate themselves against various diseases.

Vaccination for Covid-19

Vaccination against Covid-19 effectively protects everyone, especially the elderly or people with concomitant health risks for severe and fatal illness . Vaccination also helps significantly to control the spread of the virus.

The Covid-19 vaccination is free for all people living in Estonia and also for those who do not have health insurance. 

Vaccination is voluntary and open to all people. 

You can read more information about Covid vaccination  from the national website .

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