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Health Inspection

Health check helps to manage health wisely and accurately

A health check-up is a very important tool for purposeful management of your health, regardless of age or goals. You should go for a health checkup regularly – that’s the only way you’ll know what’s good, what can be improved, and how you’re already doing.

There can be various reasons for a health check. All of them can be done at the HeBA clinic.

  • Employee health checks are required by law from all companies. This is only done in occupational health clinics.
  • Interest in their health is an increasingly frequent reason why people do various health audits or health check-up packages with laboratory analyses.
  • In case of symptoms of concern or noticed changes, it is also a very appropriate reason to find a suitable solution with the help of a proper health check.

All HeBA health check-ups are distinguished by the fact that each person always receives your personal health plan drawn up by a doctor as a result. It helps you manage your health.

In our opinion, only analysis results or the decision “suitable for work” are not enough. We are your health partners in every situation and always there.

Medical examination of employees

The occupational health inspection is decided and ordered by your employer. It is based, on the one hand, on the risk analysis of the company’s working environment , and also on the employer’s decision, how extensively they are willing to invest in managing the health of their employees.

  1. Mandatory basic health check is carried out to clarify the health effects caused by the risk factors of the work environment and to assess the employee’s suitability for work. Its minimum extent is governed by various national regulations.
    In the HeBA clinic, the necessary studies and analyzes are carried out based on the individual risks of the work environment and work tasks of each specific employee.
  2. A more comprehensive health check-up may include additional tests (exercise test, determination of body composition, heart or ultrasound examinations) and analyzes (level of vitamins and minerals, condition of kidneys, liver, lungs, etc.). This helps to accurately and even more personally assess how good the fitness and stamina of the employees are and what the balance of vitamins, hormones, and minerals is at the micro and macro level. All this is important to cope with the physical and mental stress of work without damaging your health.

The health check-up of employees is tax-free for the employer, and the tax-free limit for sports and health expenses (100 euros per quarter) does not apply. People are very different – a more comprehensive health check-up helps to better assess the employee’s general health status and specific work-related disease risks.

See the HeBA occupational health standard.

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Sample packages for employee health checks

Basic health check

Health check-up with stress test

Health check with extended analysis package

Individual health audits

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