Evidence and certificates

A health certificate may be needed for various reasons – certificates required by legislation to obtain a driving license, to work in an area prone to infection, to work with food or in service, or certificates required by various domestic or foreign institutions to study or start work. With us, you can make both statutory and free forms of evidence as needed.

Motor vehicle driver’s health certificate,
Category 1

A certificate will be issued 

– to go to driving school

– 1. to the motor vehicle driver of the group,  i.e. for category B and BE license and category A and AM (motorcycle) license 

Before applying for a certificate, you must fill out a health declaration at digilugu.ee.   

After passing the health check, the health certificate is transmitted digitally to the Road Administration the next working day. The driving school certificate is issued in accordance with the requirements of the driving school.

Motor vehicle driver’s health certificate,
Category 2

A certificate will be issued

– 2. for the motor vehicle driver of the group, i.e. for all categories of emergency vehicle, category B taxi, C, CE and D, DE category license

Before applying for a certificate, you must fill out a health declaration at digilugu.ee.

After passing the health check, the health certificate is transmitted digitally to the Road Administration the next working day.

Covid-19 health certificate

For travel, to present to the employer, or for other purposes, a certificate of having been infected with COVID-19 is issued on the basis of digital history data . The digital story must have either a diagnosis confirming suffering from COVID-19 or a previously positive PCR test result within the last 6 months. The certificate is issued on the same day as the visit.

Infectious disease control health certificate

A health certificate is required in workplaces where there may be a risk of spreading infectious diseases to customers, consumers or patients. On the basis of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act, they need

  • chest x-ray certificate for beauty attendants, people working with children and adolescents, healthcare and welfare workers and trainees in these professions (the certificate can be received the next working day)
  • certificate with intestinal bacteria test for food handlers and livestock keepers and apprentices in these occupations (it takes 5 days to issue this certificate)

Seaman’s health certificate

The seafarer’s health certificate confirms compliance with the health requirements of the legislation for a crew member or a student studying at a maritime educational institution ( See here) to established health requirements. Only a doctor who has completed the relevant training and has been approved by the Health Board and the Waterways Board as a seafarer’s doctor has the right to issue the certificate.

Studies and analyzes necessary for issuing the certificate:

  • blood pressure measurement, pulmonary function test, ECG, audiometry (hearing test); assessment of visual acuity, field of view and color perception; chest x-ray (if necessary)
  • urinalysis, blood sugar, clinical blood, determination of blood group (if necessary)

85 EUR

( 25 EUR is added when determining the blood group)

Proof according to customer’s need

Health compliance with the established requirements can be requested by foreign educational institutions, companies that meet certain quality requirements, companies that recruit employees for especially dangerous work, organizers of sports competitions . In some countries, travelers are required to provide proof of vaccination or exposure to certain infectious diseases (for example, measles) – if the old supporting documents are lost, immunity to some diseases can be determined on the basis of antibodies. The necessary certificates can be issued if there is data in the digital record that allows confirmation of compliance with the requirements or confirmation can be found out with appropriate research.

35 EUR

( the prices of the necessary studies and analyzes are added )

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