Reception information for those coming to the HeBA health check


You are very welcome  to the HeBA clinic  !

Here’s to you  some advice before the health check  advent:

  • 2 hours  before the visit please  do not eat or drink (you can drink clean water)
  • If you have glasses , please  take them with you .
  • Contact lenses  comes  2 hours before  reception  to take off (use glasses during this time).
  • If you take medication  regularly (heart, diabetes, etc. drugs), then  continue  be sure to take your scheduled medications before coming to the examinations  taking .

If for some reason you are unable to come to the reception on the scheduled date or time, please let us know in advance so that we can take it into account.  Appointments canceled at the last minute will lengthen queues and people who need to get to an appointment will not be able to do so on time.  

In case of cancellation or no-show less than 48 hours before the visit, we will invoice your employer for EUR 60 (visit preparation fee).

The visit preparation fee is not applied if the reason for the cancellation is illness certified by the doctor.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact !

Thank you! Your request has been successfully sent.

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