Individual health audit

A load test is for you if you want to get a good idea of your body’s aerobic capacity. The right load and good oxygen supply are the basis for feeling good no matter how active you are. If you are an athlete, you can plan your training load, if you are a walker, you can get advice or confirmation of strong health.

The Chester step-test is a recognized method for assessing aerobic capacity and cardiac recovery. It is used by people with any physical activity – athletes, rescuers, police officers, amateur athletes and walkers.

During the health audit, you will be thoroughly examined and analyzed, which will give you a comprehensive overview of your health condition. The overview allows for the early detection of health disorders and serious illnesses.

Measurements and studies:

  • blood pressure
  • height, body weight, body mass index
  • determination of body composition
  • hand squeezing force or dynamometry
  • step test (with ECG or cardiogram)
  • spirography (determination of lung volume and functionality)


  • blood sugar
  • 5-part hemogram
  • total cholesterol, “good” and “bad” cholesterol
  • triglycerides (blood fats)
  • AST, ALT, GGT (liver function tests)
  • creatinine (an indicator of kidney metabolism)
  • ferritin (the body’s iron stores)
  • C-reactive protein (inflammation indicator)
  • vitamin D
  • TSH in women / PSA in men

Health audit

145 EUR

If you have risk factors for heart disease – stress, lack of exercise, heart disease in the family – or are over 40 and want to know about your good health and the prerequisites for good body functioning, the Key Employee Health Assessment is right for you.

Health balance

230 EUR

The body works well when everything is balanced at the micro and macro level – vitamins, hormones, minerals, body composition, heart function, lung function. In addition to the most basic assumptions underlying good health, health balance assessment also pays more attention to vitamins, trace elements and essential hormones.

Medical examination with load test

145 EUR

How in good shape is your body?

If you want to know more about your good health and the prerequisites for the good functioning of your body, a health assessment with a load test, body composition and determination of vitamin D is right for you.

Greate health audit

298 EUR

Peace of mind health assessment

You have a fast pace of life and work. the body must work, the mind must work. I feel good and I want to make sure that the health indicators also confirm it; but sometimes tensions build up and worries arise that cause worry. You know that your health is important and you need peace of mind – whether everything is fine or there are small changes that need to be addressed in time. The complex study provides an overview of the functioning of all organs.

Employer Mental Health
Diagnostics Workshop

Occupational health
video consultation

Sleep Health Workshop
for Employer

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