Data and AI driven employee health risk management

HeBA digital builds ...

... solutions that help to achieve the desired health goals in coordinated collaboration of people themselves, their employer and partnering health professionals.

Our various products help to
.. understand the needs of an individual
.. understand the needs of the company
.. manage the needs efficiently
.. maintain focus and coordinate activities

HeBA Digital solutions

HeBA Digital started as internal development team to support HeBA vision of data and knowledge based health services for employers and their workers. Now our digital solutions are independently available to other health care professionals who would like to offer similarly personalised services.

We believe in open standards and collaboration - our solutions can be easily integrated with other software components or used as software-as-a-service.

Employee Health Platform

Cloud-based (SaaS) personalised health management and analytics platform.

Separate user interfaces for health care professionals, company HR staff and employees are integrated with powerful back-end data processing and analytics. Personalised health risk and goal management is supported by segmented user-specific operation and business intelligence.

Mental Health Guide

Mobile and web application providing regular monitoring of mental wellbeing and mental health.

Tailored access to broad range of solutions from self-help to professional services.

Platform and network of providers and telemedicine solutions.


HeBA Health Club App (beta)

Employee health management app that works as an extension to the Employee Health Platform.

It allows individual users to manage their individual health data and use assessment questionnaires with analysis but also monitor aggregated health risk reports by employer representatives. Covid-stop Risk Manager can also be integrated with the HeBA App.

AppStore | Google Play

HeBA digital Team

Dr Evelyn Aaviksoo, PhD

CEO | Chief Medical Officer

Joonas Limberg

Chief Technology Officer | Architect

Ain Aaviksoo, MD MPH

Strategy & Partnership Lead

Rhoda Vaiksaar, RN

Mental Health Nurse | Product Lead

Tõnu Esko, PhD

Professor, University of Tartu | Advisor

Sadok Ben Yahia, PhD

Professor, TalTech | Advisor

Dr Steven Locke, PhD

CMO at iHope Network | Advisor

Risto Vahimets

M&A Partner, Ellex | Advisor

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