Toeta töö- ja eraelu tasakaalu

People's perception of work-life balance is often individual. The most important thing is that the person feels sincerely satisfied with the situation.

Find out what leads to the blurring of work-life balance: discuss it individually and in a group setting. Ask employees for solutions, and support the implementation of the solutions.

Help employees save themselves: - communicate to employees that you value their personal time - clearly state what contribution you expect during working hours - clearly set out expectations for situations where the work may be more intense than optimal or when you expect employees to contribute 'outside of working hours', including, for example, self-directed learning or continuing education in the context of the work or profession - clearly agree upon the conditions for compensating time.

In addition to working meetings, people also need attention to their own achievements. In addition to the recognition of teamwork, pay attention to the recognition of an individual employee. Also pay attention to small, or seemingly self-evident, actions or attitudes.

Initiate 5-minute contact with each employee every week by managers of different levels on the topic of "how-is-it-going".

Think through and implement well-functioning communication about employee expectations and verbal feedback, including performance output agreements, and metrics at the value level.

Map tasks and numbers within the entity, coordinate the optimal load within and between teams, help raise awareness about the roles of different employees and agencies, recognise each role.

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