Reduce time pressure

Possible factors that may contribute to a lack of time:

  • role ambiguity or role conflict
  • the need to perform tasks which are mismatched with the employee’s skills, abilities, or qualifications
  • excessive assumptions for new employees
  • learning new tasks is expected in a short period
  • unequal or suboptimal division of tasks between team members
  • unreasonably short deadlines
  • a poor organisation of the work
  • resources needed to perform tasks, i.e. lack of people, lack of funds or other resources
  • increased workload due to illness, vacations, or staff turn-over

Organise an assessment of the workload and tasks of the staff, adopt solutions that support employees in terms of their own needs, use solutions to raise awareness, and jointly discuss roles and responsibilities.

To alleviate time pressure, review the optimality of work processes and deadline setting

Think through and implement well-functioning communication about employee expectations and verbal feedback, including performance output agreements, and metrics at the value level

Map tasks and numbers within the entity, coordinate the optimal load within and between teams, help raise awareness about the roles of different employees and agencies, recognise each role

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