Prevent the impact of psychosocial hazards

There are many psychosocial risk factors which - time resolution, appreciation, relationships at work - have a major impact on the health and well-being of employees and on the performance of the company.

The employer's intervention in preventing the effects of psychosocial hazards consists first of all in mapping work organisation and work processes (survey, interview, observation, main problems, etc.) and risk assessment. It is important to identify which psychosocial hazards affect workers and to identify workers at risk.
Factors such as the risk of accidents or violence at work, unequal treatment, bullying and harassment, work not in accordance with the abilities of the employee, working alone in long-term, monotonous work and other factors related to management, organisation and working environment affect the mental and also physical health of the employee and worsen the internal climate of the whole enterprise and lead to a loss of productivity.
Workers with work-related stress may develop serious mental and physical health problems that directly affect their ability to work and job satisfaction. This, in turn, affects the society and whole organisation.

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