Organize mindfulness training

What is being done:
    This practical course is a support for the development of the participants' own presence and peace of mind. A variety of attention and peace of mind techniques are learned, that help you get out of a squirrel's bike and focus on what's going on. It helps to become more accustomed to being present and engaged in current activities, and also to treat difficult things with an acceptable presence.
What is the result:
    What you experience in the course directs you to notice your own ingrained habits, automatic response methods and provides an opportunity to change these habits to be more knowledgeable, calmer, more effective and creative. According to studies, consciousness leads to healthy changes in habits, reduces the risk of burnout, depression, stress and anxiety. It also increases the level of well-being and happiness, improves sleep and helps to prevent the development of many diseases. Practicing Mindfulness, or consciousness, helps to improve creativity and concentration, cope with negative emotions and setbacks, and thereby improve performance.

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