Increase employees' sense of control over their working lives

Think through and implement well-functioning communication about employee expectations and verbal feedback, including performance output agreements, and metrics at the value level.

Regularly provide employees with information about the company's more general activities.

Give feedback to employees about the contribution of different teams.

Regularly organise an appropriate form of information exchange to raise awareness of the roles of employees, define the progress to be made in achievements, which recognise the employees. The criteria for progress must be known and clear to both workers and their immediate managers.

Changing expectations provokes anxiety and stress. Employees lose feelings of internal security and may feel unsuccessful when unable to understand the content or purpose of changes. Clearly commute the work processes and tasks that are expected of your employees.

In addition to working meetings, people also need attention to their own achievements. In addition to the recognition of teamwork, pay attention to the recognition of an individual employee. Also pay attention to small, or seemingly self-evident, actions or attitudes.

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