Increase joy and positive emotions

Do something every day that creates positive emotions – for yourself and others.

10 tips on how to increase positive emotions:

  1. Take care of someone or something (be it a plant, a pet, a friend in need of help, etc.).
  2. Set aside time for communication. Every day talk with your loved ones, friends (personal communication will make you happier than communication through social networks).
  3. Love yourself, be honest with yourself, but don’t be harsh. Cheer yourself up.
  4. Be physically active, go to workouts, go for walks, do exercises that you enjoy.
  5. Halve the time you spend in front of the TV or on the Internet.
  6. Every evening, reflect on the positive things that happened during the day. List 5 of your positive qualities.
  7. Reach out to a friend you haven’t seen in a while and ask to meet up.
  8. Be positive towards others, compliment them or praise them for their accomplishments.
  9. Learn something new or do something new that interests you.
  10. Laugh at least once a day!
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